Our partnership Strategy

Our partnership Strategy

We appreciate to make partnerships with academic centers, business companies and individuals as a basic part of our company strategy through sustainable development. Collaborating with external partners give us the power to do scientific research and develop products that can fulfill the health and environmental needs of people around the world.

So we are always ready to hear from you if you are interested in:

  • A business partnership: to collaborate on development of new pharmaceutical, nutraceutical , cosmeceutical or food products or markets.
  • An academic partnership: to discover and develop new materials, process and techniques, we are ready to work with universities and external research teams to try to deal with health and environment issues facing people around the world.

Any way if you think that you can improve our knowledge and business we are so keen to hear you and make long term partnership with you.

So QMAB is waiting to have your ideas directly on: partnership@qmabco.com