QMAB: Qeshm Microalgae Biorefinery (QMAB) co. the first and biggest microalgae biotechnology company in the Middle East is dedicated to bring local land and climate advantages into cultivation of unique and patented microalgae species to delivering the most advanced innovation, technology and bio-products to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, food, feed and biofuel industries.

Management Commitment

QMAB co. is committed to continuous development of biotechnical approaches by cultivation of microalgae and processing them to produce novel bio products.

Microalgae Biomass

Production System

The microalgae offers higher growth rate and oil productivity were in the maxima range of other published studies. Furthermore the high growth rate of the new strain provides greater annual production. The biomass productivity and the oil production potential could be projects to be more than 200 tons biomass and 100000 L oil per hectare per year, in an outdoor algal culture (300 day / year) in the Persian Gulf climate. Another interesting aspect involves the production of microalgae under controlled condition in compliance with manufacturing standards of GMP (Good manufacturing practice) ensuring the quality of the products.


Qeshm Microalgae Biorefinery is located in 1000 hectares land in Qeshm Island.

Our Business Strategy

Our Business Strategy is to be the world market leader in thinking about and implementing biotechnological creative solutions. evolution services and enzyme production platforms.

Baya® Biofuel

The main product of microalgae culture is crude oil, which can be fractioned into the same kinds of fuels and chemical compounds as fossil petroleum.


Our Products

Microalgae offers important advantages to the nutraceutical product market due to essential amino acids, natural fiber and carotenoids.

Our Values

  • Healthier people
  • Make our world more cleaner
  • Produce economic bio-products



We appreciate to make partnerships with academic centers, business companies and individuals as a basic part of our company strategy



Deccember 17, 2014

Inauguration of Micro algae Lab to Produce and process nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical, food and Bio fuel in QMAB Co.


Deccember 16, 2014

- QMAB Co. Participation on 15th exhibition of achievements of research and technological


September 16, 2014

QMAB pursuing partnerships to produce algal bio-jet


July 29, 2014

Global refining news update
The Iranian Oil Minister has said that 10 oil refineries are expected to come onstream in the South Pars region.